Disclosure of Physician Ownership


Because of concerns that there may be a conflict of interest when a physician refers a patient to a health care facility in which the physician has a financial interest, New York State passed a law, The law prohibits physician/owner, with certain exceptions, from referring the patient for clinical laboratory services, pharmacy services, radiation therapy, or X-ray or imaging services to a facility in which physician/owner or any of their immediate family member have a financial interest. If certain of the exceptions in the law apply, or if a physician/owner referring the patient for other than clinical laboratory, pharmacy, radiation therapy services, or X-Ray or imaging services, physicians/owner can make the referral under one condition. The condition is that physician/owner disclose this financial interest and tell the patient about alternative providers where the patient may go to obtain these services. This disclosure is intended to help the patient make a fully informed decision about patient’s healthcare.

The following disclosure is provided to the patients in advance of procedure in writing by the physician’s office:

Mark Fromer, MD has a financial relationship with Eye Surgery Centers of New York, LLC, For more information about alternative providers, please ask the staff or your physician. They will provide you with names and address of providers best suited to your individual needs that are nearest to your home or place of work.