Pre-OP Instructions

    1. Your arrival time for your surgery will be _______ of Arrival at the ESCNY.

    Our location is 3130 Grand Concourse Suite B5 Bronx, NY 10458

    It is between 204th Street and Grand Concourse. Enter through East 204th Street side entrance or enter the front of the
    building between Valentine & Grand Concourse in the basement.

    2. You are to have NOTHING to eat or drink for eight (8) hrs. prior to arrival time, the day of your surgery, unless instructed
    by a staff nurse.

    3. You can take your blood pressure medication, antidepressant, antianxiety, anti-seizure, methadone, Alzheimer’s
    medication in the morning of surgery with a little bit of water. (IF APPLICABLE)

    4. You MUST be accompanied by an adult after your surgery. You can come by yourself before surgery or on arrival for
    surgery but after surgery, you must be accompanied by an adult escort. Upon arrival, we will ask you to provide the name
    and phone number or your escort. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN THE DAY OF SURGERY

    5. If you have any medical issues or have previously been hospitalized, in the last 30 days, please let the nurse know.

    6. If you develop a cough, cold or fever: Call your center as soon as possible prior to your surgery. DO NOT COME ON DAY

    7. Please expect 3-4 hours for the estimated process of whole surgery that includes, admitting, surgery/procedure, and

    8. Bring the following with you the day of surgery:

    a) Payment for surgery center. A surgery center staff member will call you a week in advance to inform you of any copay,
    deductible or coinsurance. (IF APPLICABLE)

    b) Photo ID and insurance card

    c) COVID vaccination card with your name, DOB and all the recommended dose with date and time of administration.

    d) Eye drops or ointment: Please confirm your surgeon prescribed eyedrops/ointment with the staff nurse

    9. Payment due to Eye Surgery Centers of New York is separate from the physician fee you may have paid to the physician’s